Chapada Diamantina

Chapada Diamantina National Park, created in 1985, is a region of mixed terrain. You will find verdant slopes and red-rock mesas fed by the underground water system, waterfalls and pools contrasting with the nearby drought-ridden semi-arid Sertão. The topography consists of the cake-like layers of sediment once collected on a primeval ocean floor and pushed up to be carved by wind and water into plateaus, canyons and caverns.

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The climate of the Chapada Diamantina makes it an all-season destination, but evening storms account for the almost seven feet of rainfall per year.

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Enjoy a 2-hour walk to the top of Cachoeira da Fumaça (“Smoke Waterfall”), known worldwide for its 422-meter fall.

Chapada Diamantina

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