Slow down and disconnect from the intense pace of the metropolis. Go to places that help to bring harmony to body and mind. Later, get back to your routine feeling energized. Nature is the best spa. Its main treatments are waterfalls, lakes, thermal pools, caves, canyons, dirt trails, forests and more. Try it and keep coming back.

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge


Brazil's large territory comprises different ecosystems, such as the Amazon rainforest, recognized as having the greatest biological diversity in the world, with the Atlantic Forest and the Cerrado, sustaining the greatest biodiversity. Larger mammals include carnivores pumas, jaguars, ocelots, rare bush dogs, and foxes, and herbivores peccaries, tapirs, anteaters, sloths, opossums, and armadillos. Deer are plentiful in the south, and many species of New World monkeys are found in the northern rain forests.

Critalino Lodge

Iberostar Grand Amazon

Iguaçu Falls

Fernando de Noronha

Chapada Diamantina

Royal Route

Rio de Janeiro


Caiman Lodge

Lençóis Maranhenses e Jericoacoara

Lençóis Maranhenses

Pipa Beach Biking

Uxua (Trancoso, Bahia)

Txai (Itacaré, Bahia)

Kenoa (Barra de São Miguel, Alagoas)

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