Royal Route

Royal Route is the name of the path that the Portuguese used to transfer enormous quantities of gold from Minas to Rio, three hundred years ago. Remains of colonial churches, mansions and memorabilia are still found in museums, squares, stone-slab paved streets and dirt roads. Taking the Royal Route is one of the best ways to discover Minas Gerais and its rich colonial background and traditions.

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Best Time to Visit

During summer the weather is hot and rainy, not all that pleasant for visiting the attractions. During winter the mild temperatures and clear weather are invitations for the enjoyment of outdoor activities and to taste the excellent local cuisine. The average temperature during a typical winter day is 19°C. The best months for visiting are May to September.

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Royal Route

Visit Mariana, one of the most important historical cities of Minas Gerais, it was founded in 1711 and is rich in architectural representations of the Baroque style, and preserves works of Antonio Francisco Lisboa, the famous sculptor Aleijadinho.

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